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spray! don't lay!

Why spray tanning is the way to go: 

1) The U.S. Drug and Food Administration makes it relatively simple: Strong UV rays are known to cause skin cancer, and when you’re in a tanning bed, all you’re receiving are UV rays. Thus, tanning beds increase your risk of getting skin cancer. 

2) You’re exposed to many other risks as well. When you’re in a tanning bed, your tan is a harsh reaction to these harsh UV rays, so of course the skin is affected. The rays seep deeper down though, and can cause other problems like eye damage and weakened immune defenses. UV rays are also known to cause premature aging. Tanning is supposed to make you look and feel young and beautiful, not older.  

Perfect Shade Spray Tans is a natural, UV-less option for those who want to get a great glowing look. No harmful effects. No booths. Just a beautiful, bronze you.

For more information about the dangers of tanning beds, visit the FDA website. To schedule an appointment at Perfect Shade Spray Tans, give us a call today at (703) 350-8695 or CLICK HERE