@2016 created by The Perfect Shade, LLC.

• You might feel a little sticky after your spray tan – this is normal.  You will feel like this until your first shower. Try not to touch.​
• Sports bras are not recommended for wear after your spray tan. Loose fitting clothing is always best.
• The bronzer may get on the inside of your clothes or on your sheets. It should wash out easily and not stain, however we cannot guarantee this.  Dark colored clothing is recommended and wearing long sleeves and long pants to bed can prevent the bronzer from coming off on your sheets.
• Pat dry after every shower. Rubbing yourself dry will cause your tan to come off more quickly.
• Moisturize daily after your first shower! For drier skin, twice a day. Moisturizing will prolong the life of your spray tan and keep it glowing. 
• Your spray tan will NOT protect you from the sun. Please use SPF protection when out in the sun.
• Avoid submerging yourself in extremely hot water like hot tubs. The heat could cause your tan to rinse off in the water, leaving it on everyone else but you.

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