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 prep & maintenance

Prime your skin up to 24 hours before your tan. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! This is such an important step in achieving a beautiful spray tan. You want to use a sulfate free scrub that doesn't have oils in it which create a barrier. Don't forget to shave and/or wax, and any manicures/pedicures should be done prior to your appointment. :)
The day of your spray tanning appointment, make sure you have or wear loose, dark clothing to slip into afterwards. Be as natural as you can, wearing no lotions/creams, oils, perfumes, makeup, or deodorant that will clog up your pores. Just in case, we do have wipes to remove these items before your spray tan if necessary.
Wash your hands 2-3 hours after your spray tan. You will want to wait at least 8 to 12 hrs before you rinse, and 24 hours before using any body wash. Avoid sweating at all costs until you wash the bronzer off! Your spray tan and tan will start to develop in about 4 hours, and will continue to do so for 24 hrs. If you must shower before 24 hours, do so using warm water and rinse the bronzer completely off with just the pressure from the water and your hand. 24-36 hours after your appointment (possibly your 2nd shower), use soap but only wash using your hand (no abrasive materials such as washcloth or loofah). When drying off, always pat dry with your towel, avoiding any rubbing.
MOISTURIZE with a parabon, alcohol, and mineral oil free lotion, like any of our Norvell lotions. 2 times a day is best, but at least after EVERY shower to keep skin hydrated, helping your spray tan last 7-10 days! Extend the color of your tan with any of our Norvell tan extenders which are packed full of moisture. We have products for your face and your body! Sunscreen should be used any time you are in the sun.